"Before Betsey, our garden was half for us to enjoy and half for the deer to eat. After Betsey, it is ours again, flush with many purple flowers, tall grasses and other choices the deer pass over. The crowning touch is the huge blue ceramic pot near the front door with magnificent arrangements she changes with the seasons."                                                                          

 Paula Del Nunzio, Stanfordville, New York

"When people ask us how our garden blooms so brightly, we always say: ask Betsey!"

Martin Mossbacher, Stanfordville, New York


"Betsey did an absolutely marvelous job transforming what was a small rock ledge with grass growing in between the outcroppings-making it exceedingly hard to maintain- into a beautiful rock garden full of color and fascinating plant specimens. Not only is it a pleasure to look at, but the colors change with the months from May through September. It requires little maintenance, and is largely ignored by the deer. Betsey is a true creative genius."

 Woody Keesee, Millbrook, New York


"Pots to die for!"                                                                          Bonnie Meagher, Millbrook, New York